Salesperson “overcoming an objection”

Hello everyone. I have been mystery shopping for a few months and just completed my first UTV shop. When I raised my “objection” (width because my property is heavily wooded and has trails, not roads), the salesperson indicated a different make/model was narrower. Is that “overcoming the objection” because he suggested a different vehicle that he could sell me? Or is that NOT overcoming the objection because he suggested a different make the dealership sold but not the same make as the vehicle I was shopping? I appreciate any guidance you can give! Thanks!

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I'm not familiar with this particular shop but IMO that is overcoming the objection. He solved the issue . Not sure what else he could have done.
@CoffeeQueen wrote:

..... Not sure what else he could have done.

Yes, I agree. It seemed like a good objection until I had to write the report. I will have to use a better objection next time.
Suggesting a different model is overcoming an objection because the salesperson offered a practical solution or alternate. They aren't locked into selling you one make or model no matter what.
Hi Don, I thought your objection was perfect. If I had woods and a front and back 40 and did this shop I would use your objection in a heartbeat. I believe the whole point is to try to keep you as a customer by offering a solution that works for you and he did that. If you were really in the market this would have been a good solution and you might have still purchased even if it was a different model than you came in for.
Any response that acknowledges your concern or attempts to provide a solution is "overcoming the objection." Ignoring, changing the subject, or not acknowledging your concern is not "overcoming the objection."
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