Did anyone go to IMSC in Phoenix?

Well, certainly not 95 degrees!!!! I'd do Phoenix December-March. And March in Chicago, the windy city? I live about 6 hours from Chicago and it's usually snowing here, we get similar weather as they do, it's usually still in the 30s and 40s. Atlanta in March is beautiful, but late April to May it's hot enough to not do anything but hang out at the pool. It's a fun city but I don't want to pour sweat while I am out and about.

But they will keep doing what they do and people who don't mind crappy weather will still attend. Maybe one of these days they will figure out that they could charge more and get more people to come by changing up the venue to a more pleasing climate.

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You did not answer my question though. Edited to add the question- What kind of weather do you like?

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When I am among friends and colleague, the weather is always good.

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Have video cam; will travel

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Yeah, but they aren't going to be around for 10 days like I would be. If I am flying across the country, it's not going to be for 3 days.
I am the same way Walesmaven. I think if you are around the right people, the weather does not mean much. I will be going to learn some tips and to network. I might stay a few days longer to visit the area but I can deal with any weather for a few days. The idea of living someplace cold or real hot would not appeal to me but we are not talking about living somewhere or being somewhere for even a month.
MSPA paid for me to fly to Orlando one summer. The conference was fine. Anything outside of the conference was miserable.

ETA thanks to Eric for the summary. That’s what I wanted to hear.

I know why it was in Phoenix already. winking smiley

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I am with Jasflalmt on this weather thing. I would just reject a conference due to the weather at the venue among other things. There are people who love heat but I am not one of them. I notice those who did not feel it was too hot live in hot types of places already :"Eric in Tampa?' do you live in Tampa...well that explains you thinking it was not hot. And many who responded live in Phoenix. 95 degrees is too hot but it could just as well have been 113 last weekend. Same with Las Vegas where it is often hot enough to fry an egg. There are many not so big cities where prices would be less expensive but near enough to a large city for those who want to venture over there after the conference. Early spring and late fall would work better many places. I don't mind snow at all but not in the dead of winter.
Columbus, Ohio has a great Convention Center, many lovely hotels, and we usually have very nice weather here in May and September......just sayin!

Susie shopping the Columbus Ohio area and outlying communities.

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Wait, what? I just was looking back through and I missed this the first time. Melinda passed? How sad, she was only in her early 60s I think (though she looked younger). I had enjoyed meeting her at the IMSC in Indiana a few years back. Was she sick? I didn't know.

@Eric in Tampa wrote:

Melinda Brody & Co (RIP to the founder)
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