Ghosted by a Scheduler

I have worked with a scheduler at one MSC company for months. Doing over 200 shops for this scheduler, mostly convenience store types. I have taken shops all over the state and shops that no one else would take. I have sent several emails this month responding to the ones I get from them about open shops and I have not gotten any response. I am a bit baffled. As far as I know there has never been any problem with my shops and this scheduler and I have never had a falling out. They just stopped responding to my emails.

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Cindy's post is one of the many downsides to accepting work predicated, not upon your needs, but those of a scheduler/MSC. While it certainly could have a positive benefit, I have always, as a shopper, taken the stance I am to be judged by my dependability and skill, as opposed to whom I "helped out."
Is there a chance the scheduler for those projects has changed? Can you e-mail someone else at the MSC and ask them to forward to the right person? Can you call anyone at the MSC?

Good luck.
I don't see where Cindy said she took shops based on the needs of the scheduler/MSC or did the shops to help out the scheduler.
I have done a few to help them out over the last few months. But most of them were ones that were open to everyone. But we did have a good communication going. Talking frequently. I would let this scheduler know when I was going to be driving to a particular part of the state. I just don't understand the complete lack of a response. I looked at the open shops on Gigspot and their name and email are attached to them. Maybe they decided I have done enough for them. It does make me think twice about what I will do in the future for this company.
Mabe you're on rotation? Still, it would be nice of them to let you know if you are.

Update: I have heard from the scheduler. I sent an email telling them I was worried because I had not heard anything in a few weeks and asked if everything was okay. They wrote back apologizing and staying they had been busy on other projects. So all is well. Thanks for the advice.
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