Ninety Nine chain ending shops

I was sorry to see an email from a scheduler saying the 99 restaurant chain is ending its program. The food and service were surprisingly good at this casual New England chain.

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I'm sorry to hear this. I haven't done one in a few months though. I feel like I'm running out of places to eat. lol
I think the problem with this one was that there are too many locations and not enough shoppers. I can only eat so much of this stuff, before I don't want to do the shop, even though it was not too bad of a report.

I usually want variety, so I never went over reimbursement. A $60 meal for the time it took to write the report, sure. But a $35 meal for the same report, no thanks. Even a small fee would have encouraged me to pick up a few but the schedulers were reluctant.
I thought you were talking about the 99 cent store we have here on the west coast. They are shopped but I cannot say a meal there would be wonderful. During the last recession someone wrote a cook book of recipes made from ingredients in the 99 cent store. It was a big seller.
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