Gas station shops

Has anyone ever done those gas station shops from Alta 360? I know I won't do them for $5 but sometimes I see them for $8-$10 and wonder if they are very quick and easy and worth it? Report included.

Thanks in advance.

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I would wait for the bonus. Typically they start low at the beginning of the month and then inch upwards as the month progresses. They offer a variety of gas station and c-store type locations and the pay differs. I will do the small purchase shops but have avoided the more involved audits since I do not feel that they pay enough.
I wait until they go above $25.

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I'm fairly new to the business but I would say don't do a gas shop for $5, I'm still kicking myself for doing one for $12 a few weeks ago considering the demands and the situations I was confronted with after dark.
I've never seen them go up to $25 with Alta but I guess I need to pay closer attention. Thanks guys!
I am unable to comment about the present, but when Alta was Ritter, I was occasionally paid, during the prior decade, $25 + a $5 reimbursement for gas and $1 in the store. It was a remote location I drove by on the way to my son's home. As I recall, the only pics needed were of the street sign, the single pump island, the receipts, violations and the store front.
I have not but you are right in watching for the fee. They will nickel and dime us to death if we let them. I have seen it with several firms. I have done other projects for Alta and they seemed decent to work with.
There are too many shootings, car jackings and robberies at gas stations after dark. In a metro area there are few places I would go after dark in any metro area.
I have shopped several places for them no after dark but they were all a little out of my neck of the woods so the bonus was gotten and will be needed again to do these.
A station owner told me last week that he had a station in a different state which got robbed. The robbers shot him, his wife and 10 year old daughter. They died. He showed me his scar. I did not ask for this info, he was quite a talker. Kinda put me on the spot. All I could do was express sympathy but the story certainly made an impression.

I see one of Alta gas station shops with several locations at $25 right now. Think it starts at $6 or $8. End of year so they must need it done bad. I of course don't do Gas Stations this time of year without major bonus money. Its called my too damn cold fee. In nice sunny weather the lowest I will go for an easy one is $20. Well Maritz has one that I did out west for $6 but was 5 minutes for shop and 5 more for report with several locations many which passed by often. I miss those but alas that brand is not where I currently live.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I do the night shops, but select the locations carefully and go as early as possible. I don't go to the "hood" or anywhere near it in the dark.

I was watching the news one night and there was a station I had been to that afternoon on the TV. It had been robbed at gunpoint that night. Another time I went to a station I did several times over the years, but not in quite a while. I asked where the fellows were that used to work there. One was shot and killed in a robbery and the other was hit by a car and killed while riding his bike on the highway shoulder after leaving work. Then I noticed the cameras all over the forecourt.

I've had many near misses at banks and gas stations and malls. Ya just never know. It's scary. I feel like I float through life naively going about my business and then hear about things after the fact.

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Ok last month I did a gas station shop with a bonus. As soon as I arrived I was propositioned by a prostitute. Then I had a guy smoking crack in his car at a pump. When I asked him if I could photograph the pump he was parked at he moved to another pump. So I had to ask him again. There was drug dealers running around the station while I was conducting the inspection. The owner of the station told me that he no longer has a public bathroom because the prostitute was using it to service her clients. He told he saw her working on a customer in the toilet. Also he told me the dealers used the bathroom to stash their drugs. So when they say a gas station inspection are easy don't believe it. The inspection takes time unless you are ignoring infractions.. There are cars driving by so you have to keep your head on a swivel. suspicious customers asking why you are taking pictures and also the homeless who like to hang out at the stations. Gas stations are not easy and should be paid accordingly.

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Some stations can be scary at night. Next time you will have a better idea of what bonus you need to do it again. Other shoppers are probably avoiding that station at night. I see a lot of sttaions that normally get snatched up stay on the board for a long time when they need to be done at night. I made some good money last month doing some. I did feel a bit more at risk, but the bills needed to be paid. I told myself a lot of people have it worse, espeically the ones who work at the stations for probably $7-$8 an hour.
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