Hit a new low

Had an email offer for an apartment shop 25 miles away. 3 part shop, call then visit then follow up. Possibly targeted. $15. I just did one for the same company for $37 which I thought was low. Do they think I shop apartments for the fun of it?
I wouldn't do that if it were next door.

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Coffee, the bad thing is, someone will accept it. They will screw something up and the MSC will repost the shop later in the month for maximum fee plus bonus.

That's when you name your price!

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I just had an invite to do all the Assisted living homes in my town, four of them. I have done all but one over a year ago, and am afraid I will still be in the computer, but enjoy these jobs and in my town is good news. The scheduler/owner is calling me tomorrow to talk about it, I'll tell her my concerns. Sometimes it pays to be old and moveable......smiling smiley

Live consciously....
Some people actually do have fun touring apartments and shopping in stores but these are jobs that require us to pay close attention to a bunch of different topics and then write it all up. So,yes there may be moments of fun for some on a mystery shop but very few are doing this for fun. Or even having fun at 2 am writing a report about the visit.
I wouldn't do it if I lived in the complex.
@CoffeeQueen wrote:

I wouldn't do that if it were next door.

A Dad shopping the Ark-LA-Tex and beyond.
I would not walk next door to do an apartment shop for $37.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Or, they will get the job done and there will be no job at the end of the month. This is always a risk.

@HonnyBrown wrote:

Coffee, the bad thing is, someone will accept it. They will screw something up and the MSC will repost the shop later in the month for maximum fee plus bonus.

That's when you name your price!

Things are not to be judged good or bad merely because the public think so. - Tacitus
I am sure some rich ‘House spouse’ might do this for fun. If they are bored, it’s gets them out of the house. Not everyone is in this game to maximize their income.

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Rich housewife's get out of the house, trust me...lunch in Beverly Hills with friends, shopping, no, not doing an apartment for 15.00, thanks for the joke.

Live consciously....
There's a rich housewife I know who I buy St. John clothing from. She sells her clothes and her friend's barely worn clothes on Ebay. That could be a possible job, but I doubt mystery shopping.

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Katherine Heigle, Samantha Harris, those "Abby Lee" dance Mom's and so many others that I can't remember sell their clothes on Poshmark. Got to ask DDs again.
I just sold a Calvin Klein purse and a Mui Mui (paris) purse on Poshmark, but this is different than doing an apartment for 17.00. Shopping online, buying and selling when you have expensive items is fun. My sister worked in couture for Saks Fifth Ave with Designers giving her a suit or expensive item every year for her sales and work at their fashion shows. I received her items, gave some to my daughter and am now selling certain things that no longer fit and having a ball on Poshmark, that I learned about here. MS'ing is not the same.
I bought a great Coach handbag recently for not a lot and love it.....always loved a good buy.

Live consciously....
I can't comment on $17 apt shops as I have never done one and never will, but yay for Poshmark and you, Irene. I will not part with my CK bags. DD #2 sold a black CK top with the tags on for me. Never wore it and she got more than what I paid for it. :-)

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The apartment buildings I did years ago paid and still do today 45.00...still target's not worth it. I am looking for a Louie Vuitton bag, but they are still costly, and the marked down ones not in good shape, had to return one.

Live consciously....
Check out therealreal.com. Love them. Just got a black dress for the holidays!

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@Madetoshop wrote:

Check out therealreal.com. Love them. Just got a black dress for the holidays!
I will...you know them all......

Live consciously....
@Madetoshop wrote:

Irene, sign up for their emails. They have Louis Vuitton days/sales. :-)
I just signed with them, they will call and come to my house to pick up the good stuff...excited.
They have a showroom on Melrose, a chic area in L.A. will be so happy to sell this stuff.

Live consciously....
Coach is my weakness.

@Irene_L.A. wrote:

I bought a great Coach handbag recently for not a lot and love it.....always loved a good buy.

@Kimmie...join Poshmark, they have really good buys on Coach. I'm sure you'll find one. I use mine everyday

Live consciously....

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Kimmimae, Coachoutlet.com. Coach does make a line of their products specifically to be sold in their B&M outlets as well as on their outlet dot com. The quality is not on par with the items sold at major dept. stores but the bags are still nice. I bought a cross body that I love. I own two messenger shoulder bags that are so old but in great shape. 70% off some items happening right now. Things sell out fast.
Be careful with the Louis Vuitton bags that are not from their actual retail store. There are so many copies out there.
@Niner wrote:

I can't imagine some rich housewife doing this for fun or even knowing about this.

OK ‘rich’ wasn’t the right word. I should have said, ‘someone who doesn’t necessarily do it for the money.’

I have done assignments which paid significantly less than what I get from my regular job just to experience something different.

When people do any kind of work, money isn’t the only consideration people make.
Apartment shops? Ha! Doing those reports is no fun. Anyone doing an apartment shop for $15...... wait... did you say $15??? I did one for $35 once and said never again. I will look at the job listing when it hits $40, then wait. I don't care if someone else gets it. Poor soul. I need a minimum of $45 and it better be local. Otherwise, I will wait until it hits $50, and at that juncture, I might take it or leave it. The thought of those evaluation reports always give me cause to pause.
My base rate for apts. is $40. I then adjust upward for audio/video, a target, a recorded phone call, a repetitious report and/or a distance in excess of 20 miles. My high to date was in a seniors community, no assisted living or memory care; the shop paid $150. I was sucked in in 2003 by BestMark for $17, but $15 today is a fee that is woefully inadequate. In addition, if I am correctly recalling the notice I received, there was also a recorded call required.
I work to improve my lifestyle, and here doing an apartment wouldn't fall into that catalog. Restaurants, hotels,
food is part of improved living, apartments go from 40/45$ here, still too much work for not enough money.
Housewife's with small kids do lunch or food shops to either get out of the house or bring in food,,,,,,,I again must say, 17.00 for an apartment, what a ripoff to shoppper's, I hope no one falls or it.

Live consciously....
@Niner, yes but I trust the Real Real as they back their sales with authentication. Haven't bought a bag from them yet but if you are familiar with the real thing and well versed with the brand, you know what to look for and expect. I own 2 Louis V bags and a wallet. I love them. Can you tell I am a bag and shoe fanatic? I know I need help.
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