Five Guys difficult location?

I completed a Five Guys shop that was marked as a "difficult location". My understanding is that usually, that means the location has limited parking or is located somewhere unusual like a university or military base, but this was just a regular, stand-alone Five Guys with its own parking lot. What could be the reason for this shop being marked as a difficult location?

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Maybe it was just a shop that was difficult to fill. I would just feel that I lucked out!
Possible high crime area?

I used to get a good bonus for one that was like that. But, I guess someone else is filling them now for less than $50. Although, it wasn't listed as a difficult location.

Just seemed to be less easily filled and with the MAO button. Constant shootings in the news in that area.
It might be the price of the required items exceeds the reimbursement.

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Maybe there's a truculent manager who gets flipped out if something is marked down!

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I do one for a difficult location. Almost everytime I go there is an issue lol last week was better but it was still dirty. They need to retrain the staff or fire them. I mean 3 months at the same location and still an issue. It is a head scratcher. I do it for no less than $18 because it is almost always the last shop to be picked if picked AT all...they usually accept my offer and it is not a high crime area infact it is upscale. The real tea is how they still in business.

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I used to do 2 "difficult" 5 guys. Both of them were in low shop areas. Both I would get good bonuses to do them. But the one I always had a trouble with. The last time I was there, the fries were bad, tasted bad and dark brown. From experience with an amusement park job, I told them in the report it was over the fry oil was not changed and needed it.

Needless to say, I am currently "banned" from shopping them and another burger shop with the same company. They claim I unassigned too often but I suspect, its over being too critical of their shops. I have found better shops to do with other companies.
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