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Has anyone done one of these jobs? You're supposed to wire $20.00 and then cancel the transaction right after. After your transaction is complete, you will need to request to cancel it. Doing so will provide you with a full refund. If for ANY reason the location does not provide you with a refund at the time of cancellation, the Sassie MSC guarantees you a full refund of $20.00 plus any fees paid. The only reason I'm looking at this job is I will be at that location anyways for another MSC. I have never used a money wire transfer service in my personal life, so I have no idea how it even works.

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10' pole. Do a search on this here in the forum. Just say no.

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I only do them when they're heavily bonused. Two different MSC's handle this client (same guidelines/report). One MSC will automatically issue a refund/pay fees if the location refuses to give a full refund. The other MSC can be a pain to get it. You have to contact the scheduler to get it added to your payment.

I would say 50% of the location will only refund you the money transferred and won't refund the service fee. 25% will give a full refund with the service fee. 25% of the locations will refuse the refund.
I had a very bad experience with the first MSC and their send money to Mexico shop. It took over 3 months to get my reimbursement. The scheduler was useless.

The "new" MSC says that shoppers will be reimbursed right away, but I am leary.

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Yes, there is an old thread about these shops somewhere on this forum. The MoneyTree stores will give you a refund with a smile and a thank you if the place you did the shop gives a hassle about giving a refund.
Nope.... I never will experience them either. Seems like too much for too little. You can always find another shop that pays the same for less hassle.
Well I did the wire transfer job because it paid $25 & like I said I was at the store anyways for a $20 grocery job. There are not very many $15+ jobs in my area so that's why these jobs caught my eye. I cancelled the wire transfer & got the $20 back but I didn't get the $5 fee. The gal at the grocery store service desk failed to tell me to also ask for the $5 fee when I called the wire company for the cancel. We shall see if the MSC refunds the $5, they claim that they will. I'm also worried about getting approved because your supposed to wait no more than 30mins to cancel the transfer. I thought that I would have enough time to do my grocery job & then head back up to the service desk to cancel it. Well I did have enough time, but when I got to the desk there was a sign that she was on break & would be back in 15mins. Her break ended up being more like 25mins because the same guy was still waiting at the counter for her to come back as I went thru checkout. Also when I cancelled it, I was told that I had to wait 30mins for it to process thru & to show up in the grocery store's system. HUGE time sink, plus the report was a nightmare with all the pictures you had to up load - two of the receipts were 3 feet long!

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I had a bad experience with this shops and was out of my own money. I was never reimbursed for about $100.00 of the money that I wired and got tired of chasing the company around, So I gave up, not worth the hassle.
I did one of these and got lucky. I picked a country at random from the list, tried to send $20 to my "sister" who was "down there with an aid group", and was told that all transfers to that country now require that the transfer be sent to a bank, from which the recipient retrieves the money. They jotted down the info I would need to have and gave it to me. I left, took the required photo of the location, submitted, and got paid. I don't think I want to do another one. Too much to go wrong, although I do trust this MSC's guarantee.
PITA... my second shop ever and never again. I was dumb enough to go on a Friday evening at the end of the month ... paycheck cashing day! Took forever....and then everyone hated me for causing a longer wait.

Hey JK, long time no see! Hope all is well in your worldsmiling smiley

Thanks Jas! I check in a bit. Life is busy now that I am watching over my elderly father.. all is good though!
I was contacted five years ago by Intelli-shop, needing a transfer job completed that day, which happened to be less than a mile from my house and paid $40; I accepted and finished without any problems. The shops I have seen since, though, was priced far below my minimum, but if the money were right, I would accept more of that type work. To paraphrase Lefty Frizzell, if an MSC has the money, I've got the time.
Update: Got an email from the MSC that the wire transfer company is refunding my $5 fee, I just have to go pick it up. I might consider this one again, now that I know what to expect & I certainly would NEVER do this job on a Friday like I originally did. I was totally ignorant to the amount of traffic at these types of places on Fridays
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