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A discussion on rescheduling shops...

I work primarily for the MSC that shops one of the more casual burger locations, and over the last six weeks have done nearly 400 shops. When scheduling large routes of shops (up to 40 in a single day), inevitably stuff happens. For example here are some things that have happened...

1. The restaurant is supposed to open at 6:00AM, and is still closed when I arrive at 6:30AM;
2. When scheduling the shop I misclick on the date (assigning 30+ shops in a row) and assign the wrong date;
3. I want to move up 3 - 4 shops to an earlier date to lower the load on a specific day;
4. Car break down, lots of traffic, SASSIE is down, etc and some shops have to be rescheduled for the next day.

How do schedulers feel about reschedules in all 4 situations? I am assuming that 3 is fine, as you are actually doing the shop earlier than expected, and not flaking. What about 1, 3, and 4?

In my 400+ shops I have about 10 reschedules, 7 of them are for moving up shops into a different route, 2 is for point 1 last week, and 1 is for point 2 (today in fact). I do not want to piss of the scheduler always asking for things, but I am one of the top 10 shoppers for volume in the company right now...

How do the shoppers and schedules here feel about reschedules?

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If you are doing that many for them, I am sure (well, I would think) that they appreciate it. You should have the personal cell phone number for somebody on the team so that you can text them if you need to move something.

Highest I have seen is $21 so far. At least half go away at base pay in my High COLA area. Go figure?
400 shops in six weeks?

Road Warrior, you!

Anyway, I'm not a scheduler, but I have been told by schedulers that cancelling is far, far worse than rescheduling.
With that kind of volume, schedulers know that shoppers need flexibility because things happen. As long as you get your shops completed, no one will be upset with you.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Rescheduling only 10 of 400 shops is actually quite good. I'm sure the scheduler is ecstatic, or they should be. If not, so sorry.
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