Five Guys - PHONE SHOP

I've done Five Guys but never the phone shop. How does that work? Are you required to eat the meal in the dining room? It seems like that would be a tip-off if someone makes the effort to call in the order, but then eats it there. Anyone do these phone shops?

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Not that weird if you only have a 30 minute lunch break and have to get back to work quickly. Order ahead from work and skip that initial 10 minutes waiting in line to order and for the food to cook. Since you have to stay for 15 minutes after you get the food (if you dine in), that really doesn't leave any drive time to and from. But, you don't have to stay for a phone shop. Just get there a couple minutes early to evaluate the restroom before picking up the food. And I believe you need the description of the person that hands you the food, not the cashier, on this shop.
You have the choice to just pick it up and go. Of course, check the restroom before you leave.

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Like others have said, you do have the option to pick up your order and leave. If you choose to dine in, I believe the guidelines say you need to stay at least 15 minutes. And definitely remember to check the restroom either way.

@HoomanShopper: If I remember correctly, I think it is for the Online Shops that you need the description of the employee who hands you the order instead of the cashier (because you pay online or via the app, so you don't have to pay a cashier when you arrive at the store). Since you still have to pay for your order when you arrive at the restaurant for the Phone shops, I think the questionnaire asks for the cashier description...? But I could be's been a while since I've done one of these shops, since they keep being taken off the board by shoppers at base pay.
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