Ive never done an assignment mystery shopping

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This is a business where each shopper need to explore on their own. There is a list of companies that has a link at the bottom of each page of the forum. Please recognize the following: Many shopping companies may fail due to the dislocations of COVID; all of us on here are seeing few if any shops during COVID so where they are finding the few shops--the shreds of their usual job opportunities--they are likely to take them for themselves; if you find some jobs realize that it may take 2 weeks to 3 months to get paid for them.

If it is a shop you can do from your home, I could do it from my home as well so I am unlikely to share because I am far from overwhelmed with work.
Agreed. Shops are slim pickings right now. I have done a couple of online shops but like Flash said, I would prefer to not share since I don't have a whole lot going on as it is. But if you sign up with 100 companies or so you will likely find some phone shops or other types of shops you can do from home.
You might find phone and internet related at-home assignments. Clients include banks, retailers, and service providers. There are cleaning assignments and sales visits that you can evaluate at home. At one time you could have a charity pick up your donated items from your house. There are probably many other types of shops. Good luck finding them! smiling smiley

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@drbones wrote:

Id love to learn especially home assignments
Welcome to the Forum! These are uncertain times, and it's hard to say just what might be out that that you could do from home, but if you've never even done Mystery Shopping before, you may want to explore the various posts in the "New Mystery Shoppers" thread. You can access it by clicking on this link. Also, Shop-et-al is correct in that you could possible find phone mystery shops evaluating banks, health insurance, some retailers, etc. Some pay fairly, some pay quite low. You have to decide. You are own own boss. Please read the info in the New Mystery Shoppers link. It will help you a lot. When you are done with that, you might try a search here on the Forum, using words/phrases such as: "phone shops" or "mystery shopping jobs from home". PLEASE BEWARE of SCAMS that send you large checks and ask you to do very little for a high sum of money. Those are totally bogus!! Good luck!
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