Retail Merchandising and Mystery Shopping

Anyone knowing where I might find some work please let me know.I have been in Retail Merchandising for 18 years.I have work for some well know Company's such as The Dial Corpration,Nonesense Pany Hose,Foster Grant and many grocery stores.I know with all you guys out there some can help me.I can work in the Augusta Ga.,and South Carolina area's.MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE............Thanks Katrina

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Hello Katrina, I would suggest to you to sign up with (Shadow I have just started with them and have been very pleased with them. Yes, you will have to pay to join I suggest the Gold Membership four four months for about $39.00. They will send you leads daily and they have a lot of merchandising jobs on going.
Katraina, I have a better idea than (Shadow Shopper) go to like to hear how it worked you.
You may want to try They have a wide range of jobs in all areas. Demonstrating and Merchandising also.
itsthe professional merchandisers portal. if you were in it for 18 years I would think it would be well known to you..........
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