How much would it take for you to complete this shop?

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@chiffon cupcakes wrote:

Is the nightclub sting operation through mystery shopping? I think I might be too old for this but I'm always curious.

@AZwolfman wrote:

I regurlarly do nightclub drug sting shops for more than twice that amount. I would consider doing this shop, depending on the client, requirements, and msc. I record the serial # and email a scan of the bills to the msc before doing the shop. This information is also uploaded when I submit the shop.

Yes. All ages visit nightclubs and ask for drugs. I was born in 1950.
I might have seen you one night at the club a couple of years back. hahaha not kidding. smiling smiley

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You probably have. I have shopped one of them so many times, that the employees know me as a regular customer. I have no reason to suspect that they think I am a mystery shopper.

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For whatever reason, I always assumed these were sex solicitation shops. Naive me. Now that I know, I'm in.
It can be sex solicitation on some shops if I desire, but I would use that scenario only if I were with a group of guys. I prefer shopping with mixed couples or ladies, because they are easier to control.
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