Gas station shops

Who knows other then BP, Exxon/Mobile,Shell and Gulf where there are other Gas station shops like speedway or Marathon or others

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If you are looking for more gas stations to shop, perhaps you should have asked what MSCs do gas station shops instead of mentioning the gas station names (client). Then you could sign up with those MSCs and see if they have the gas stations in your area covered. I believe some are regional.

With your question, people can tell you what gas stations are shopped but not by whom.

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Citgo is shopped by one MSC and another MSC shops the regional operator of the the convenience stores at some other Citgo stations near me..

Mirabito is also shopped near me. And the same MSC shops a third regional operator of convenience stores/gas station chain near me.

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And then there are convenience stores shopped with the focus on the store brand more than the gas brand. Plenty of those.

OP, you're just learning the forum (and welcome, by the way! ). There's a drop down menu at the bottom of this page, a link for a list of MSCs. If you click on that list, at the top of it is the "most discussed" MSCs. If you sign up with all 15 in that first section of the list, you will probably find more gas stations than you could possibly shop.

smiling smiley

And then on days when you're not busy, sign up for another 5 companies from the list....until you're signed up with 70-100 or so.

Good luck.
Circle K is shopped by several company, 76 is also shopped, many MSCs offer gas stations, so sign up for as many as you can.

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I've done a couple of Circle K shops but still can't figure out if it is a gas brand or a convenience store brand.

I have seen it both ways. I normally wait until they have bonuses or I am in the neighborhood to do the simpler (less pay) of the two shops they have.
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