Idiotic shoppers

Ol' idiot here did well today. I picked up a book called Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome. We as IC's may or may not think of our work as divine, ministry, or anything but plain old work. No one will mind if you do or do not have a particular intention for your work.

The relevant idea from the book is simply that no less than God can and does use ordinary people for divine and often inscrutable purposes; so can MSC's utilize the services of ordinary people to gather mundane information for clients.

It is not innately necessary for us to be so grand that we outshine all and sundry. No. We only need to show up and do the mundane job, whatever that may be.

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man. ~ Unknown
I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born. - Ronald Reagan

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Did you ever think shoppers who take reimbursement only shops CAN'T have income? They could be on disability, or have other reasons. Reimbursements are not claimed on taxes, therefore it doesn't hurt their bottom line, but it HELPS their bottom line with their grocery bill. There are many motives for taking shops, you shouldn't call people names for doing what they need to do to survive. Most shoppers complete gigs in their spare time. Many do not shop full-time, except for route shoppers. It IS possible to pull in 40k shopping. It IS a lot of work and driving, too. Be respectful of others. Don't belittle them. KUDOS to the shoppers who help us schedulers out with those types of shops. Every scheduler has some. No, we have ZERO input with our managers, and clients. We schedule what we are told. If you are lucky enough to catch a bonus, it's because a scheduler out there had someone fail to complete a shop properly, or failed to complete it all together, or the shop was pushed due to spacing requirements and is now on the last day it can be done to meet the required deadline. It's NEVER black and white! We don't get to chose when to add a bonus, nor how much it would be either.
One of my colleagues retired early. She is in a weird place with her retirement plan as well as Social Security. She used to really do a lot of Kroger shops. Now she is limiting herself to one Kroger shop per week at $5 pay in order to not go over her weekly limit for additional income. She is thrilled when she is in rotation for TXR for reimbursement only. Something changes when she hits 62 in November and when she hits 65 then it doesn't matter how much she shops. It's complicated in balancing her side gigs but I know that she is not alone in looking for reimbursement only shops. People on unemployment in many states also need to be careful to not exceed a certain amount or their benefits get reduced.

I like to wait for the bonuses. But I was REALLY missing my Kroger shops in the last month or two as there is someone (not my friend) who was sucking them all up. I think that they flaked recently or someone got sick because I got to pick up a smattering of them at the last minute.

Different shoppers have different needs. Some of these "idiots" are doing a lot of math in order to not mess up their retirement or benefits.
No matter how you slice the bread, Trendsource is still paying you folks the same $5 + $9 it was paying in 2006. The ONLY difference is inflation has reduced the buying power of the fruits of your labor. I well understand some shoppers are desperate and that anything beats nothing. This posting is NOT directed toward the needy.
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