Best Buy Audits

I was wondering what everyone could tell me about the Best Buy Audits? They are on the board for $65 and they seem similar to the full store audit. I did one of those many years ago and was not a huge fan. Are they different or did they just lower the payment on the full store audits which used to start at $85.....

If you are doing the same amount of work for less money, then as they say on Shark Tank "I'm out".

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Did you sign up for this one? I saw a new round of non reveal audits and was wondering how long it takes to do the report? Does it require pictures? There was very little information about it.
I did not sign up for one. They were bonused to $115 here at the end of March, just did not have time to do one.
I go to BB for too many other shops. To bother with the audit and that doesn't sound like a fun or profitable way to spend the day.
There are two versions of this out there. The first one is the full on revealed audit that can take 2 to 3 hours and usually is around 50 to $100. There's also a lower paid and reimbursement shop around $10 where you are undercover and are looking for covid and safety measures that takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
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