Multi-state shopping in one day

I've only been mystery shopping since August 2019 so I'm betting some of you can beat this, but ...

Was driving back to my home state today after a visit to another state 500 miles away. A few days ago i decided I might as well make a little money out of my travel day so I scheduled a total of 4 shops in 3 different states. In transit at a rest stop, while checking one MSC site on my phone, I noticed an easy shop available in a fourth state that was along the way. So on my way home today I did 5 shops in 4 different states.

What is the most states you all have shopped in, in one day?

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I do 3-4 regularly. IL, IN, NI, OH...

I live near the IN/IL state line and can be in IL in 20 minutes, MI within 45 minutes and OH is only a 2.5 hour drive.

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Three -- Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska. Five when I swing down to Boise City, OK, and north Texas.

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I've never shopped more than two in a day.... However, I have done shops in NW Washington and the Bay Area in California in the same day...

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I live on the corner of MS, TN, and AR and have done shops in all of them in one day.
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