How far out do you typically schedule? Are most of you planners or fly be the seat of your pant-ers?

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It depends. For out-of-state, multi-day trips, I'm generally up to a month out, but adding filler shops once I've arrived....... Otherwise, I'm usually taking it week-by-week, unless there is something offered earlier that's worth penciling in for the future....

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I am on hiatus because I am far behind on my house tasks. (I cannot do everything! I had to stop for awhile!) When I return, I will do whatever method suits at the time. Ironically, I just had a few days off of work, which are enough time for a decently paid road trip. However, i was free because of a blizzard. I was snowed in, with no possibility of going anywhere. So much for plans...

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I typically plan a week in advance. On my calendar I will put placeholders for shops I know will be bonused later in the month.

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I usually plan by the week as well. Sometimes I will go two weeks out, but not often. I'm not a full time shopper like many others on the Forum. So I can usually decide even a day or two ahead or even the day of the shop.
I am a substitute teacher in 2 rural school divisions. When I get booked at a school, I look for a suitable mystery shop in that particular small town.
Overall, not interested in shopping on days off. No extra travelling due to Covid, these days

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Because I know that certain MSCs are fine with moving my shop dates, I will eagerly grab those shops as far in advance as they are available. Of course, frequent rescheduling/switching dates only works if you have a reputation for getting the job done well and reliably. So, build your rep first and be very pleasant in your interactions with schedulers.

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I try to and prefer to plan weeks in advance, however that is getting harder as the companies are offering smaller windows. That's my problem with presto shops, and I use them as fillers only, but often don't have time for them.
I go day by day, usually not planning more than a week in advance. This is mainly because, due to my location away from metro areas, I need to wait for good bonuses to offset the travel. Plus, I hate to commit myself to a few shops far in the future only to have a ton of good bonuses pop up in the opposite direction for that same time period.
I make out my schedule for the entire followiing month when the new shops come out. I add shops during the month as they appear until there is no more room on my schedule. I leave a few days open at EOM so I can grab the bonused shops. I schedule intensive out-of-state shops as far in advance as possible and then add to the routes until there is no room for more shops. I have scheduled some intensive shops, such as hotel/casino resorts, as much as 3 months in advance.
I grab shops I want when I see them as bonuses are generally not available in my market. During covid we have actually had some types of shops with bonuses so for those I will wait. As more and more shoppers get vaccinated I think those nice bonuses will be gone.
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