Junk removal

Drat, I actully need to get some junk removed and there are no junk removal shops near me right now. I've never done the one where you have to ask for a discount. Do they usually provide it?

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I have done both actual junk removal and estimate shops. They always said no discounts at first but then offered a discount.
I've done one actual removal..... I had to complain about the pricing and request a discount... They gave me a coupon which, effectively was a discount..... Either way, the removal was reimbursed and I got a small payment for the shop, which turned out to be a great deal for me.

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By the way, some cities/towns have programs where they would remove an old refrigerator or other large appliances for $25 or so each, often on a specific day, once a year. That's usually a much better deal than what junk removal companies charge.
I'll come pick it up! There's a lot of copper in refrigerators and A/Cs. The compressors are good money, too!

I did this shop years ago and at the time I had to pay in cash. I have not done the shop again as the company said in many places they did not take cash. The day they were here it was a long and total hassle to get approval for cash. If that is still a requirement be careful of whether your local office takes cash or not.
Question: can you take a deduction from personal or business tax for whatever is hauled away during this shop?

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Unless you have only a few items that you could put in your regular weekly trash bin, I consider this shop a waste of time. They will haul away only an extremely small amount of junk for the reimbursed $100, and they only take certain items. I have done one each the junk removal and the estimate shop. They readily gave me a discount when I objected to the price.
I have done several objection ones in the past. I consider them a nuisance. I did one actual removal (of an old washing machine) and that was definitely worthwhile to me since it was down in the basement (abandoned when the laundry room moved to the second floor).

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I had an old couch that needed to go, and I was thrilled to even get money for having it taken away. It was very easy to get the price lowered.

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