BP visual standards quiz

I've read the guide.... more than a few times. I've done QUITE a few BP shops in the past. But for the life of me I can't pass this quiz.
I emailed the scheduler I worked with on the route I did last month, but she isn't assigned to these. I then emailed the general mailbox, but we all know how quickly you get a reply from that..........

The only questions I think I could be missing are
'Which elements are different looking between new/ old branding"
(I thought it was just the flags & columns)

What do you photograph when you can't fit all the infractions for a question in one picture....
(I thought it was try to get as many in the photo as you can but mark off for every infraction even if not in the picture)

Can anyone help a girl out?! Please?!

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota

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The question about the new design is very easy. Read the manual pg 37 and it states all new designed elements.

I also thought that was the correct answer for the infractions but it is not. You only mark what you see in the photo.
It is still telling me I have not passed, even though I have tried multiple answers for those two questions. I believe that all of the items listed have a new design.
@mjt9598 wrote:

It is still telling me I have not passed, even though I have tried multiple answers for those two questions. I believe that all of the items listed have a new design.

The answer to this question is to select all of them, manual pg 37 has all the information.
Good luck ever getting a response from the general email. They sent an email offering routes and i was silly enough to send it even though they said send it to the general email. It's now been 9 days with no response. Bonuses should be coming soon.
I can't even get in. Every shop I open up even when I go two states away it says "this shop is no longer available".
My husband still can't pass the test we've both took it and I passed it last time on the first try. We've tried both answers for infraction photo, (as many infractions as possible listing all and listing the ones in the pic) Does anyone know these questions: overall does it include the mid or not?, does the dispenser picture include the curb or not?, I already know the BGB guide is all of the above.
As for me, presto says I'm blocked, but IPSOS never responded to my email never told me squat. The last consumer I did the EDITOR SAID, I didn't have to go back to retake the toilet brush so I submitted the alternate overall restroom for the toilet brush that I didn't know was an infraction. It did not trigger the duplicate photo, and the shop was accepted and Paid! I'm heartbroken because I don't know how to fix this or who to contact!
This certification is driving me insane! I have NEVER been unable to pass. I have been trying for a couple months. Please some email me some HELPFUL HINTS. rnicoleevans@gmail.com
It took forever but I finally figured it out. It was 24 hours not 12 hours to submit! They've been taking the time down, down, down. And then they made it where you couldn't hold them anymore and you can hardly plan a route for fear someone else would get it before you could.
Honestly your not missing much by not doing them. While I love to pick up any of the other brands, especially when there is a bonus, I always stay clear of the BP audits. Way too many photos compared to the other brands, and they are the only ones that require you to have a tape measure on some of their inspections. Honestly too much work for the little pay compared to the other brands.
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