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Got an email from Ellis saying their video shops can now be completed via phone app. Thoughts?

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It actually stated that you would get the bonus for using your own equipment.
I just don’t know how you could carry a phone with the camera facing the agent at the correct angle without looking obvious. Maybe in a shirt pocket for a man and in the pocket of a cross body purse for a woman???
Holding a phone in your hand is normal these days, but with the camera at the correct angle to keep the agent in full frame....?
The Media Pro app allows you to change the orientation of the phone, but the camera still has to be pointing to the person or items you want recorded.
The fatal error rate for videos using a phone is quite high. The PV-500 is the industry standard for good reason.

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I get the sense that Ellis is really struggling to find video shoppers right now.... The payment around my area is quite attractive... I simply don't have the time right now to do much shopping.... I would NOT suggest going to a phone for their shops. If you want to get into video shopping, definitely invest in a PV-500. Period.

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I think they would struggle less to find video shoppers if they would stop requiring a shopper to write a tome to describe the video of their shop.
Agreed. In the Lincoln/Omaha area, a shopper could rake in $1200 in a few days with Ellis.

I just can't drive 800 miles.
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