I keep getting dinged for the shops that have Koalas and waves. Some stations have a full-wave over a pump and then there is a smaller partial wave over another pump on the same island. do you count that as one wave or two?

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I only count the full sized waves, not the small red bars above some pumps. All my shops have been approved that way. See the photos of the waves in the guidelines. They are looking for the POP on them and they are the huge red ones that go from the ground to above the pumps.

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Those smaller things are called something else. Wedges, I think. Don't remember exactly
Yesterday, I got a 2 and a 4 for stations that I do every month. They sent them back because I had only counted to e large waves over the pump. I really don't care as long as they pay me.
Are you saying they sent them back and gave you a 2 and a 4 because you didn't count the small red bars as waves? I think that is not correct on their part. I'd be unhappy about that..

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
I only count full sized waves. As for a photo, step back when taking a pic of the pump with a wave next to it. Then, take 2 pics, one for the wave and one for the pump. That way if there might possibly be a question, you have a picture of the wave and the pump.
Also for wave pics, take a photo of a wave perpendicular to the pump. Why? Often when an editor looks at an overall pic, they might ask about a wave's end pop.
Also, for the koalas, I take a pic of the pump including the koala next to it. If there is a question of a koala, you can use that photo, whether you edit the photo or not, is your decision.
Waves stand next to the pumps. Koalas are on the columns. Do not count the wedges which have the pump numbers. Do not count each side of the Waves or Koalas. i.e. Pumps 1 and 2 are on the same dispenser therefore share a fueling island. There is 1 Wave next to pumps 1 and 2. There is 1 Koala on the canopy column next to fueling island for pumps 1 and 2.
Full size waves only! They stand next to the pump and kinda curve over the pump. Kaolas hug the columns and come in pairs....Count each pair as one.
A certain gas brand has these huge, monumental, gaudy things on the fueling islands. Each of four specific pieces has it's own name, one piece is a wave.

When I am doing this part of the audit, count the whole fixture as one, so if your station has 8 canopy columns, usually they will have 4 waves and 4 koalas, unless they have an island with 2 pumps on 1 island then they usually will have 3 waves and 4 koalas. I also always take 2 extra photo's one at each end of the canopy, down one row of koloas and one down the other side of waves, that way I'm getting both sides of the signs on both sides of the fixture, so if there is an issue I got it covered. I also quickly review each photo as I download it to make sure I don't miss anything, nothing worse than driving 40 miles to a gas station and missing a photo.
Its funny - sometimes the site puts up all the correct, up to date POP and then forget to change the end of the Wave and Koala POP. The sharp eyes of a good editor shall catch that and ask for a photo.
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