No more Taco John's shops?

I use to complete a ton of these. Now, all I see are "QSR" shops with low shopper pay, a list of required info i.e. pictures of store, pictures of food in bag, picture of burrito cut in half, and no reimbursement for food! Anyone know the 411?

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You're quite right. They are now posted with a different MSC, flat rate (not enough to cover the cost of the food!), I believe 10 photos.

And no bonuses whatsoever....

No, thanks. If I want a taco, I'll buy just that -- a taco! Less expensive, no waste, no photos, no report.

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They did eventually offer decent enough bonuses for me to do the local ones last round, but not enough to travel for them as the old company did.
The closest one to me is 45 miles that's basically $15 for gas, round trip. Bonuses didn't get that high; every time I asked, I was told "no bonuses on TJ". Since it's flat fee, there's not enough left to cover gas. So I have done zero of these.

And I will continue to not do them.

Of course, factoring into that decision is the current scheduler; I avoid her like the plague!

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