What is this Five Guys with a reimbursement of $30, two purchases?

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That includes the fee for having a single order delivered by Uber Eats or some similar service. I am "surrounded" by three different Five Guys, and none of them will deliver to me. They are each about 6 miles away (I am in the center of an equilateral triangle with a Five Guys at each corner). The prices go up for delivery (look online and you will see that), there is a minimum order generally of $15, and then there is the delivery charge. $30 might not cover the total fee, just like $12.75 does not cover the cost of an order depending upon local in-store prices.
@Plarka wrote:

Online order and a first and second purchase of $15 each.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Never seen the two purchases, but @myst4au is correct, it's the food, tip, and delivery fee for whatever service you choose. I've never had these shops declined, knock on wood. Super easy and at least in my area (Upstate South Carolina) the $30 covers everything if you don't go crazy when ordering. Seems like it's only one or two locations in my area that do these delivery shops, but I'll take it.
I actually noticed a delivery shop on Long Island recently that only had a $27.75 reimbursement. All the other ones are $30. I find it hard to believe that would cover the expenses.
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