Sassie / How to easily complete these on a phone

We are in an increasingly mobile world and I am trying to be efficient with my time. Has anyone found an easy way to complete shops that are on Sassie with an iPhone? Is there an app that works best or do you struggle with Chrome or Safari like me?

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I save the survey to my screen on my iphone. Then, simply click on it when ready to complete. Before that, I would flag the email that links to the survey.
Sassie is not mobile friendly. I am dealing with this struggle with various gas station brands that I have been shopping. They recently migrated over from a platform that was much more mobile-friendly. It's a PITA.
We struggle on androids, too. The only other option is to use a laptop or desktop. I've regressed to the old fashioned way when reports need lots of pictures. I Wait till I get home and do the reports on the computer. I don't like it but it's less frustrating and much faster.

Also be aware that if you're trying to do it on a mobile, the timer isn't readily visible and it's easy to time out and lose all of your work if you're not careful!
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