Problem uploading to BARE website

Hi all,

I've had no trouble uploading to a lot of other sites but I've clicked all over in the report I'm trying to submit and can't figure it out. Suggestons?

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It should be a standard SASSIE report with "Save" and "Submit" at the very bottom. If you see "Save" but not "Submit", save the report, log out and log back on. If you see neither you may want to try opening the website again in a separate window and see if it "wakes up" your report window. I suspect that you may have taken too long with the report and not saved as you went along so the site may have disconnected on you.

And don't close the window you have the report in until you have copied any narrative into Word for safe keeping! If worse comes to worse you may have to start the report over again and you sure don't want to have to rewrite narratives.

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BARE has good people to work with. When push comes to shove you can always call them and get some help. I learned the hard way about constantly saving my work. Now it is automatic.
Thanks to all - you are a great group.

At least this time for me, it was that Bare has a solid, large blue box with an arrow indicating "Upload Here" pointing at it. They do not have a solid line where you just click for the upload window to open. I finally clicked on the right section of the blue box mostly by accident. A very small section of it was then dimly highlighted in yellow and sure enough, a click there brought up the upload box and it went smoothly just like the others. Don't know if they are aware of how it appears and maybe it just looked different because of some glitch on my computer. Anyway, it's done but was a bit late. I had already sent an email to the scheduler so hope all will go well anyway.

Thanks again!
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