mystery shopping auditor test

I have been looking over the inspection tests for some companies ( ex; Exxon gas station) Is there somewhere to view the guidelines or instructions to be able to read over in order to answer the questions?

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Usually there is a link for the guidelines prior to starting the test. It's usually on the home screen before you hit next to begin the test.
Depending on the MSC; like on IPSOS, if you click on the info icon (just right of the job title), there is often a link. Other MSCs. you can go straight to the certifications sections for the shop you want, and download the info from there.

But some, you have to just get assigned a shop before you read the guidelines.
Yes there is a link there somewhere. You can usually have the guidelines open in another tab while taking the test, which as helpful as some of the questions refer to minutia that can't be easily memorized.
Do a control "F" which will allow you to search the guidelines for key words in the questions.
When taking the tests for these shops, open two windows side-by-side. Have guidelines opened in one window while taking the test in another window. Copy the test onto a Word doc, and put the answers in the Word doc as you also put them in the actual test. Now you don't have to start from scratch if you fail the test the first time.
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