Colombia Coffee Research Project?

I noticed a shop where the shopper needs to purchase 20 different packages of Colombian Coffee.

Anyone has experience with this particular shop?

Greatly appreciate your input.

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I did this about 12 years ago and found out that authentic Columbian is not popular in my area. It was stressful. But today, with more online resources, searching for it is probably much easier. The MSC was dependable and paid but I spent many more days on the project than expected.

I did it about two years ago. Easy if you have a large grocery store near you. Prompt payment.
I was involved in similar task. But it was about buying from membership warehouse large amount of whole beans coffee. They say how much I shall by. But in my case I got the maximum they carry. The brand was sort of generic and I need to keep it by crossing code on the back. I had a hard time after to ground such amount of coffee. They all lasted about a year.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
Thanks MMMM, for the reassurance.

My main concern was the reimbursement for such a massive purchase. I am glad to read you were paid promptly.

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pretty easy project. I just did in June of this year. Between buying labeling photo taking shipping product and entering report took me 3 hours. I got paid $65 as they had me buy a specific brand at price right for an extra $15 on top of the $50 project paid. I would most likely do again. They reimburse for all costs including purchase of coffee and shipping including shipping supplies without questions.

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I also did this one a couple years ago. I had no issues and was promptly paid for all expenses and the fee. I would happily do it again.
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