Google Location Suveys

Got the email from SeeLevel. Filled out the form. Wanted me to do a call the next morning I could not make. Then nothing. Got a few more emails then nothing.
Don't have a bad record with Seelevel and been doing this stuff for 5 years (mostly revealed stuff these days).
Not sure what the deal is, a base part time gig would be ideal for me and I can travel where ever they might need.

Anyone else look into this and have any insight?



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The $3K a month assignment? I saw the emails but I do not have the time right now. I got another one yesterday. I was about to ask what it entails , just out of curiosity,
The first rule of Google Location Surveys is that you do not talk about Google Location Surveys. Unless you want to be pestered to death about why their phones do not work, why can't I get into my Gmail account. How do you use google forms etc... etc...
That's funny 2stepps. I have an idea what they might be doing but would really like to find out more. Guess nobody here knows much either.
i remember this from before covid. you’re sent to an area to walk stores and buildings. they want you to walk stores, malls, buildings, etc with the gps feature of the phone they provide you on. i guess they’re looking to create a “google maps” like thing for retail? i had the directions on my shopper log, but i can’t seem to pull up older shops from 2020 right now on my ipad. it seemed interesting, but they wanted availability from 9-5, and i prefer later hours.
And Monday to Thursday or More. Paid mileage from the first stop to the last stop, Motels if you were out of town, and per diem for meals. Would have been great but I can't meet the hour per week requirements. Oh, and charleybuddy has the gist of it.
Yeah, I did the meet and greet and first interview. i have the time and it would work well with my other stuff ( I do this full time). They wanted a commitment for 3 days of training starting tomorrow. I am on a road trip (did the interviews on my laptop in my car in Walmart parking lots). I was booked, I said what about the next week. They said the decision will be made Monday. I said I block out the week of the 27th. i heard nothing. I am starting to schedule. Its the end of the month I'm getting the end of quarter money. I am betting I hear from them this week asking me to start training on next Tuesday. I will be booked solid.
Hopefully, I can get involved. It sounds like a money make to me and I like to travel.
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