Would it be too obvious to do a lunch and dinner at the same place?

One is a dine in and one is an online order. We did go there the other day and unfortunately I forgot to do the report, so maybe they'll remember me as a non mystery customer....

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Just make sure there's not a rule with the MSC that you can't visit the same location more than one a day.
One MSC, in particular, allows multiple shops in a day, but not the same time periods. Be sure to pay attention to when lunch ends and when dinner begins. Make sure that there is no overlap. Allow plenty of time in between lunch and dinner.

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If the msc does allow you to do two shops on the same day, same location and if there is any comment from the staff that you were just there earlier and you feel the need for an explanation you can always tell them when you got home and said you had eaten lunch out your xxx person was so jealous you came back to treat them.
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