Brand Standards Auditor Qualification I study materials

I have taken this test and have failed repeatedly on it. It seems to be a fairly simple test with common sense questions, yet I can't seem to pass it and don't know why. Where can I find some information on the questions being asked?

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Please tell us the MSC and the type of shop you are studying for. NOT the client's name, just the type, like gas station on c-store or shipping or cell phones.
I also have been struggling to pass the Hotel Evaluator Training Guide certification. Like the OP said, they seem like fairly common sense questions, and I control 'F' to find where in the lecture they mentioned the answer, but still I can never get past 89% (need 95% to pass). Any tips or study guides would be so helpful. I really want to start evaluating hotels, but this certification might be the end of me.

My MSC is Coyle Hospitality.

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