Did Panda rotation go from 60 to 15 days?

I've been shopping over 15 years. Never understood why the MSC (not only this one) but others on Sassie as well will continue to send the list of shops with no changes to pay. If they didn't get taken when you first sent the notification (posting), what makes you think people will come back and take them now at the same crappy pay.

I get sending a notification if you bumped the pay, but sending the list showing which are scheduled and which are available at the same pay doesn't really accomplish anything (IMO). But maybe they are thinking/hoping someone might be available now or changed their mind and hope to "hook" them as the same price.

If I saw the list the first time and didn't want it then, I don't want it now unless something has changed (pay/reimbursement/shorter report/change of scenario/etc).

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Panda is currently bonuses at $22. Has anyone seen higher? I think the highest I saw previous round was $18.
I just grabbed one in Southern California at $18 bonus. There is another location close, but according to PANDA express website, their hours are different and I'm not sure I can do both when I'm in the area. I grabbed one for sure.

I did not look at rotation so I don't know if it changed again or not.

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