When do you delete pictures from an audit?

When do you delete pictures from an audit. I know to keep the receipts. I started deleting pictures after I get paid. I see no reason to hold on to them, after I've been paid.

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Very simple for me: I leave them in my file designated for each shop until I do that shop again.

For some shops it happens to be every other month (rotational), while others may be on file for the greater part of a year.

Why? I review those photos when I have the opportunity to do the shop again. In that way it allows me to see some of the items I found in the previous time.
I typically delete receipts, audit and shop photos at the 6 month mark. If I get meanie messages from my cloud service, I delete non-personal photos over 30 days old.

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I keep a work picture file on my computer hard drive. Sub folders for each month, and inside each month, date files. The first week of each new month I delete the file that is 6 months old and make a new file for the current month.
3-6 months later

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Usually around 6 months after payment.

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Given the very low cost of disk storage, I don't delete anything. It will be to the archivists once I am gone to figure out what's being passed on to them.
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