Taco John Self Audits

Bought lunch at Taco Johns and a card was in the bag. The card was the size of a business card and read "We would like to invite you to become a mystery shopper for your local Taco Johns. For up to $12 in free food. Text TJ946 to 701. 501-5772 to opt in or scan the QR code". Anyone else see anything like this?
I would post a pict of the card but I do not know how to do this on this forum.

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How is that different from what a lot of MS companies offer? Its not likely that their "mystery shoppers" will be trained or even have useful guidelines to follow. YGWYPF.
Yes, a grocery chain that tried that says lots of people sign up, but very few follow through.
Taco Johns has the guidelines and survey or they are easy to get. The jobs are on the MSC board for $15, $20, $30 plus $10 reimbursement.
Taco John's has been mystery shopped by multiple companies and is currently being shopped by a major company right now. The issue with Taco John's is that they have a huge number of extremely remote locations. They are huge out west, and they have locations in very small remote towns in montana, wyoming, north dakota, south dakota, kansas, colorado, utah, etc. They really struggle to get their locations done because it's hard for the majority of mainstream mystery shoppers to get to their locations. Maybe they are trying to find somebody local to do it in market square they just don't get their locations done. With their current company, they want to get their locations done four times a month. They have many locations that don't get done at all.
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