Some Mystery Shopping Companies and their tests. They can really discourage shoppers.

Why do some Mystery Shopping companies give you test, but don't tell you what questions you got wrong or right? I've been to one site, took two of their tests, failed the test, but they don't tell you what questions you missed. It's a 34 pages of guidelines, 23 question test....but you have to figure out which questions you got wrong. Even in school, if you fail a test, they tell you which questions you missed. I'm sure they are losing shoppers over this. The shops only pay $15, and it's a waste of the shopper's time to keep going over any test. We make more on other shops that don't even require a test.

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When one does not get a 100% score that suggests that one has not sufficiently studied. Just like in university, the point is not to get to 100% numerically but to have the thorough understanding of the subject that one can get 100% even if the Qs were changed. If I had $100.00 for each time I had an exam which required only 34 pages of reading, I couldn't even buy a gum ball. While it may be true that $15 is too little to perform a shop, I reject the notion that it is a waste of a person's time to learn any subject, even something as pointless as an MS's guidelines.
The scheduler sent me the answers. Even in any school they tell you which questions you missed. This one did not. I took one test where I kept failing. I contacted the scheduler and was told on one of the questions, there were two possible answers. If you picked either answer you got the question wrong. There was no way to pass it. The scheduler had to fix the test for you.
I don't have a problem with an MSC not telling me which questions I answered "incorrectly." I do have a problem when the questions/answers were poorly worded and/or when an MSC erred and the wrong answers were programmed to be the right answers.
Testing, done well, is a good thing.

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Sometimes the guidelines do not align with the quizzes. Ask your scheduler for help in this case.

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I recall taking one test where i was unaware multiple answer choices were allowed. That was fun.
For all of its faults in other areas, Trendsource is ONE MSC that DOES show you which questions you get wrong, so that is very helpful.

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I have never been to a school that tells you the answers you got wrong and then allows you to take the test again. Maybe that is the reason so many people graduate today who cannot read or do math.
I got the answers from the scheduler. Others have also had the same complaint about not being shown the wrong answers.
looks like someone is trying to pass the BP test.. lol Sometimes the schedulers will help, the last time I had to take it I got help from another shopper.
Regarding the OP's initial question, "Why do some Mystery Shopping companies give you test, but don't tell you what questions you got wrong or right?"
Servimer does this, and it is primarily because of the number certification attempts that come through where a shopper has definitely not read the three-pages of guidelines. Evidence of this includes the presence of a question on the quiz that shoppers often get wrong, but where we state the correct standard early in the guidelines and add, "This is on the quiz, and is the most often incorrectly answered question." Further evidence is the dismaying number of certification attempts that come through with 47% or 54% on a test that is 21 True/False questions, with such scores clearly reflective of the shopper answering all true or all false and intending to just change whichever ones were wrong on their second attempt.
We have tried to keep the guidelines thorough yet succinct and clear, representing the process of applying for and receiving an assignment, through the on-site flow of a Servimer shop, all the way to the reporting and submitting process.
There are several evaluative criteria used by Servimer that are very different from MS standards, and we want to be sure that every shopper has a firm grip on the standards needed for them to succeed.
If anyone has any suggestions regarding our guidelines document or our certification process, I'd be very interested in learning how we can improve our material or process.

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