Proud of myself

Hello everyone! I started mystery shopping last September. I can only do phone and online shops at the moment. I've had a little bit of a rough road but I've kept at it. I recently started noticing that shopping which I started as something to do and give me a little bit of extra cash, has helped my confidence. I was able to make phone calls for my husband with no problem. Before I would have had to rehearse what I was going to say before I would have gotten the courage to dial the phone number. Now I'm talking on the phone with much less anxiety!

I am also learning to forgive myself when I make small mistakes. I used to replay mistakes over and over in my head, but when I made a mistake yesterday on a shop, I was able to look at what I did wrong and make a mental note to be more careful in the future.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that mystery shopping has not only helped me earn some extra cash, but it has helped me in ways that I would have never thought of. I am very proud of myself for sticking with shopping and not giving up.

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Bookgirl I am so happy to hear of your success. New things that are uncomfortable can get easier with more practice. Usually the increased confidence that comes with each success can spill over to other areas of our lives.

It sounds like you found a win/win with this new endeavor.
Very happy to hear all of this, Bookgirl! You are right not to hit yourself too hard when an error occurs. It happens to ALL of us, even myself, and I've been doing this since 2005!! Hang in there and enjoy it!
I've found that on phone shops, the first shop call of each type is the hardest. After the first call you kind of know what to do and say. The following calls get better with each repetition.

However it sounds as if your experience doing phone shops has helped you in non-shop calls you need to make. That's fantastic. Keep at it . Practice makes perfect.

And hey, everyone makes mistakes, just don't be too hard on yourself when you might make one. Forgive and forget.
Good work! Learning to forgive yourself when you make mistakes and stop obsessing over them is a very valuable life lesson, along with gaining confidence as you go. (As someone who obsesses over mistakes, I'm always working on that.) Congrats!

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
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