Is it legit or scam?

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Hello! And welcome to the Forum. If you are thinking about getting into mystery shopping, please look at the topics in the link is from the New Mystery Shoppers section here on the Forum. Many of your questions will be answered. []

As to your main question here, if you receive ANY sort of large check that you were not expecting, and told to cash the check, keep so much and send the rest back as gift cards, or something similar, then THAT IS A SCAM!!! Do NOT fall for it. If you receive any large check that you did not do any work for AHEAD OF TIME, then that is a scam as well. Do NOT cash/deposit these, because you will have to pay it all back! Hope that helps.
Any time they ask you to buy gift cards or prepaid cards and then send them pictures or codes, it is a scam.

But generally speaking ,most legit companies have websites where you see your assignments and can search for jobs. If they are strictly using email or texts, it's likely a scam.
Good rule generally. Exception: referrals.
@kenasch wrote:

Also any unsolicited offer to shop for a company that you didn’t apply with is a scam.

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If the mystery shopping company sends you a check for a purchase; especially if you don't have a history with the company..

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Whenever you feel the need to ask that question, be wary of the company that caused you to ask that question. Check them out unless you already have a good relationship with that company.
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