Have you ever gotten paid for a shop where the client cancelled the shop?

I got this message on a shop I was scheduled to do this week. "Do not complete this shop. The client has cancelled this shop." The shop now appears in my list of shops to be paid. Will I be getting paid for this shop?

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I personally havent gotten paid for a client canceled shop but thats not to say it cant happen
Yes, several years ago, Maritz paid me the shop fee and reimbursement for a gas station that cancelled when I was able to show that I performed the shop prior to the time of their cancellation email to me.

They just asked for a few of the pictures that I took, including receipts, to be sent to the applicable team's email address. I never actually filled out a report.

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Several years ago, Informa paid me for two shops that disappeared from my list of assigned jobs. I was never told what had occurred nor was I asked to fill out a report.
The only canceled shops I've been paid for are the ones I completed the same day, before the shop was canceled. Which is another great argument for completing and submitting your shops while you're still on site.
I did a route once for Maritz. It was basically a 2 night 3-day route. When I left the hotel that morning the shop was there. When I got to the location along the route they were debranding or out of business and I went in to see what to do. The shop was gone. I complained that they did not send me the email before I left the hotel that morning. If I had skipped that location I could have shaved a couple of hours off my route. These were high-paying shops that made the route worth the time and expense. Since it was canceled Tara had to cut me a check for that assignment and mail it. But yes, ultimately I got paid for that shop.
I also did an assignment for another MSP where I had to call a doctor's office and schedule an appointment. It had a bonus and was about an hour away. I called the office and made the appointment. I gave them my insurance information over the call and there seemed to be no issues. When I arrived at the appointment and they saw my actual insurance card they said they did not take that particular insurance under my insurance company's overhead. I ended up getting paid the bonus but not the shop fee. Because the assignment was an hour away they paid me for my time heading up there. Since the bonus was much larger than the shop fee I didn't feel I lost much. Of course, I ended up routing some other assignments with it. (something like a 15 or 20 dollar shop fee and a 30 dollar bonus or similar numbers. Anyway, I wasn't angry at a blank trip even though it was disappointing.
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