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I want to say Massage Envy was shopped at one point in Southern California. I haven't seen anything since COVID. I also knew there were "problems." Some women felt uncomfortable and I'm sure there were probably some "pervy" guys hoping for a happy ending.
Speaking as an old woman, mostly because thats who I am.. lol. I feel uncomfortable having strange people touch me. And I have never trusted chiropractors I have heard so many horror stories of people losing their ability to walk and function because of bad chiropractors.

If you folks like that kind of thing, more power to ya, I hope you make lots and lots of money.

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I've had a few free massages (well, for a report and small fee, that is) with a chain back a few years, but I haven't seen any for a long time. It was not Massage Envy though. I thoroughly enjoyed the massages...ahhhh

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I had a massage shop earlier this month, but it was just one interaction of a hotel/casino resort shop with more than 20 interactions. I have also been getting email offers for massage shops by one particular MSC every month this year so far. I delete those without opening the emails.
I have never seen a massage shop before but have had massages nonetheless. My problem with massages is if I have to make conversation with the masseuse. I can't relax if I have to listen and talk at the same time.
Kern currently schedules massage shops for one of the well known MSCs whose client is a large national concern. The fees are low. I think I once saw one of the MSCs which uses iSS have similar shops.

Regardless, during the pandemic they are on my 10' pole list. An extended interaction in an enclosed environment with a stranger who one cannot trust to be vaccinated and likely won't have the courtesy or professionalism to be properly masked -- no thanks.
I had one massage shop years ago that was part of a weekend resort review package. Massages are not something I generally go for, so I don't know how knowledgeable, much less objective my review was, but I answered the questions. I was sore for three days after that massage. I don't know as I'd agree to such during the pandemic either though.
I just got 2 emails with massage shop offers today, so they are still out there. They only pay $5, and I do not work for $5 shops.
Long before covid, I happily paid for massages and other legitimate spa services. These were helpful for a variety of reasons. I probably would not add a shop into the mix. I just like to take care of me, and I hope for safe spa services to re-appear. I have had no trouble whatsoever with the various chiropractors who have taken good care of me. I am staying away from most places, though, and I hope that I will not incur an injury.

Good luck and safe services to anyone who pursues these assignments!

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I don't know, I've paid $150 plus an 18% tip for a 50 minute massage at a resort in Upstate NY. I did also get access to their steam room, sauna, whirlpool, mineral bath and gym for the day. I only used the steam room.

I would probably look at as $183 for an hour shop since I'll pay for a massage anyway.

A good way to get a cheap massage is to call a massage school. They have to do a certain number of massages to get certified. I used to get an hour massage in Dallas for $25. Of course the proficiency of the masseuse varied.
@AZwolfman wrote:

I just got 2 emails with massage shop offers today, so they are still out there. They only pay $5, and I do not work for $5 shops.
Can you share which MSC this is from?
The one massage shop I did was for the chain Massage Envy. The massage was lacking, I'll happily pay to go to an actual spa type business. I want the comfy slippers/ robe/ hot neck wrap & cucumbers for my eyes! I also want to be able to add on things like a facial, foot scrub or even a full body exfoliation.
I do regular massages also. One of the best massages I ever got was part of the mystery shop. It was a chain but not ME.
We schedule some massage shops (not Massage Envy) . You can view the project and decide if it's something you want if you go to []

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@juorsel3 wrote:

@AZwolfman wrote:

I just got 2 emails with massage shop offers today, so they are still out there. They only pay $5, and I do not work for $5 shops.
Can you share which MSC this is from?
I don't know. Mods, can I?
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