Yikes, I screwed up entering a gas station

I had 3 gas stations (yellow, if it matters) for today and I just entered the 2nd one, but put all of the information on what should of been the 3rd ones evaluation form. I have contacted the scheduler, but if I don't hear from her today, should I just enter the 2nd one in the correct evaluation form and wait on them to return the wrong one, or put the 3rd one in the wrong form too. Ugh....I'm going to blame it on the heat, but truthfully I was just careless and screwed up.

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Put the 2nd one in the correct form, and make a note in the comments box explaining what happened. Depending on the MSC, the system should flag duplicate photos, or the editor should catch the wrong receipt, and send back the form for you to correct.

I've done this a few times over the years, and yeah, it made me feel bad wasting the editor's time, but they forgave me.
I’ve done it too. (Twice within two months—not my best two months). Yes, like mystery2me said, input the second one correctly. It’s possible they will *both* be kicked back because of duplicate photos. You then correct the first one and submit, and then resubmit the second one only after the first one has been submitted with its own correct photos.
I did that once and i was having problems getting it to submit. So i went to open the next shop and realized I had input the wrong location. Luckily, it hadn't submitted so I quickly input all info into corret location.
Been there, done that.. Put all the information into the shop that is supposed to be in. Send an email to your scheduler, with the shop numbers, so it's easier for them to look it up. And explain your mistake. Ask for the shop you did wrong to be cleared and returned to you, or even just returned so that you can finish it correctly.

It happens to most of us now and then.

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Been there, done that. That's why I like the iSS platform that lets me unfinalize a shop. Also the SASSIE platform allows me to go back as long as I have not closed the submit window.
I just did this with one a couple of weeks back. Lucky for me, I caught it before I sent it through. Just ended up wasting a lot of my own time though...but no one ever knew until now. smiling smiley
How did this end up getting resolved? Did they just allow you to enter the new information into the incorrectly submitted shop once they noticed it... without any unnecessary drama associated with it?
The scheduler actually got it back to me before it went to the editors. I did what was suggested and put the correct one in the one I hadn't entered and then redid the one she returned. There wasn't an issue at all, they were great about it!
@ Ugh....I'm going to blame it on the heat, but truthfully I was just careless and screwed up.[/quote wrote:

No need to blame it on anything, humans make mistakes.

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