Sonic - How many allowed in one day?

There are multiple in my area. How many am I allowed to complete in one day with the new company they are with?

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If you don't see a limit, then there is NO limit. Why would you come asking here? All you have to do is search for key words in the guidelines.

Also, if Sassie let's you schedule more than 1 on the same day, that is another way to know it's probably okay. They can easily block you from signing up for more than 1 on the same day if they don't want to allow it.

@misspocos75 wrote:

Thank you so much! I searched everywhere on the guidelines and can’t find it.
Sometimes MSCs have incomplete, conflicting or erroneous guidelines. Or they purposely leave out scheduling information that shoppers may want to know. Not saying this it the case here, but it happens. I think OP just wanted to see if anyone here had some undisclosed info about limits after not finding any in the MSC's information. Doesn't hurt to ask here. Or look to see if another shopper has started a thread to ask the same question.


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I have seen sloppy and conflicting guidelines. But when something is NOT mentioned, (shop limits/coupons/etc), I do what I want until they make it clear it is no longer allowed.
Last year I receive a mass email about a shop.. I read the guidelines that were in the email and I self assign the shop.

Before doing the shop (Which was a couple of days later) I looked over the report and I looked over the guidelines that were in the report.. There were a couple of things that were listed in the forum report/ guidelines that were NOT mentioned in the mass email.

I emailed the scheduler asking about this... They said they will look into it.. A couple of days later, they email me back saying that the report guidelines were correct..
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