One Chip Retrieval Shops...$$$$$$

Edited for clarity: Is anyone else doing the one chip retrieval shops, and finding tons of the chips packages that need to be purchased ? My first shop this morning had 40 pkgs...$399. Then 19, then 26... I have a lot of these for the week...gonna have to rethink my strategy in order to pay for all of them. Plus, my card shut off with an automatic fraud alert after the third transaction within an hour at a convenience store...

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Sorry, no can point wasn't that the shops are paying a lot...they aren't paying any more than the regular retrievals...and they take very little time really...but it is a HUGE amount out of pocket
You have to pay that much for the product and wait to be reimbursed? Ouch! I'd rethink it, too!
Am I the only one that finds it irritating when someone posts on a public forum about a job they are doing but then won't share any information?
Mousegal, you need more credit cards! Get those cash back points! None with annual fees, of course!

@bradkcrew wrote:

Am I the only one that finds it irritating when someone posts on a public forum about a job they are doing but then won't share any information?
LOL...first, I take my ICA seriously, second, a little search can tell you which companies here do retrieval projects, and third, of course I want to do as many as I possibly can - my husband already had a double lung transplant, and is on the list for a kidney...this is our living right now smiling smiley
Hello fellow Shopper! I hope all is going wonderfully for you. Congratulations on your personal project – that's truly impressive! I've also taken on similar projects, but I haven't had to deal with such a high upfront cost as you have. If I may offer some advice, I would recommend reaching out to your card issuer and explaining the project you're working on; they should be very accommodating. I've been diving into Visa jobs on Presto myself, and I encountered the same issue with receiving fraud alerts on my account. So, I decided to give them a call, explained what I was doing and why it might appear suspicious, and asked them to temporarily remove the fraud alert until I'm finished. It worked for me, and I hope it does for you too. Keep up the great work, Shopper! You've got this.
Mousegirl, I didn't ask you to name the MSC, I asked for a hint and it's up to you whether you want to do that or not.

It sounds like the retrievals are more of a merchandising gig than a mystery shop.

The way I read your first post was you were making that much, not spending that much and waiting for reimbursement.
@bradkcrew wrote:

Am I the only one that finds it irritating when someone posts on a public forum about a job they are doing but then won't share any information?

I don't find it annoying at all. What I find annoying is when somebody posts a question about a job they are doing and they get asked to give up their client's name. Setting aside the fact it is against forum rules, you are my competition.

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Isn't "one chip" the name?

@CoolMusic wrote:

Hmmmm... no brand names mentioned. So there should be no conflict naming the MSC...
Kind of. The actual name seems to be a gray area. Better to be safe though since the game is synonymous with the chip and the brand can easily be discerned

"The One Chip Challenge" is a morbid curiosity. Aside from that, the company with a 3 letter acronym does product recalls.
Dtiq does recalls so does CSE. And technically these are considered merchandising, so that's not the same as the mystery shopping rules.

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Same situation. Did 8 locations today and am already out of pocket $2400, and 2 of my cards were flagged for fraud with all these large purchases at convenience stores. Nuts! That $300 Advance they offered seemed reasonable...if you are doing 1 or 2 locations. Geesh!
Hopefully the expense reimbursement is fast and done by ACH rather than check…we shall see. Or perhaps the client can quickly make a decision to pull without on the spot payment…with our records they could issue checks to the stores after…
I had well over $1000 out of pocket today and I had to call me bank eight times, as they could not seem to preempt the fraud hold that these transactions triggered.
I absolutely agree with you. I find it supremely rude. It's almost like saying, 'Hey, this is the greatest pie in the world, what's your recipe?' Oh, you don't want to give me the recipe? Then I'm going to sit here and type articulately about how much of a bad team player you are. We are not on the same team unless we decide to be. Over the past couple of years, I've realized how cutthroat this industry really is.
I didn't mean that the OP needed to share their secret connections, and I am not the one that expressed an interest in the company. Of course everyone wants to protect their "turf," but OP didn't have a question and wasn't offering information, so it just seemed like a brag/tease. When the other poster asked for a hint to the company it could have simply been ignored rather than commenting and making a point of not sharing the company.
I admit, I feel like its kinda shady to have contractors go in and buy up the product. I have done some like that before, but prefer ones that don't make you put out a ton of $$. They either had us destroy the product on-site (this was a meat product), and another, the store had pulled everything off the shelf - which was a kids pain reliever medicine.
@Mousegal wrote: "Hopefully the expense reimbursement is fast and done by ACH rather than check…we shall see"

Yes, you email the Company your bank account routing # and account # so they can process the reimbursement within a couple of days. This Co is VERY reliable, and no one should have a problem doing's on every check we send out anyway.....hey....that reminds me.....I've got one of these jobs tomorrow....better go send them my banking info!!

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Does anyone have specifics about shipping? Can we send the small boxes or do they need to be repackaged? I'm not finished with my locations so I can't access the many will they print?
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