Gym Shops - Which Gyms are Being Shopped Now?

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Planet Fitness, Retro Fitness

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On the Hotworx topic, shopped them years ago and then joined a couple years ago as my main gym. I love them. But you have to work up to the heat. Turn down the thermostat and crack the sauna door if you need to.
I'm sure the Planet Fitness shops are still going. I quit doing them because the MSC wanted exact quotes, but the music was so loud in the gym that I couldn't hear what the associate was telling me. So I gave it up. I almost signed up for some here not very long ago, but I saw who the scheduler was and decided I had other things to do.
I see Planet Fitness shops from a couple of MSCs...there are also gym audits. I like those better.
I also got tempted to join after doing a shop but was put off by no showers! Though I guess it would work if you went after work and then straight home. But so limiting...

Shopping domestic and international locations since 2003.
I noticed that Planet Fitness has reduced to 3 locations in my state when there used to be a much longer list of locations every month. I wonder if the program has been reduced or is going to be re-vamped?
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