Is Freddy's shopped?

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Ace Hardware was at one time but haven't seen one in a while.

Whole Foods has an ongoing program where you have to get delivery or pickup there for something like a year. Haven't done it.

Audits at Costco sometimes show up on the orange app for the usual low fee.

Would love to know about Freddy's and Ollie's myself. I've asked here in the past and got no response.
Freddys was back when I lived in AZ in 2015. I was there again in 2022 and don't remember if I saw them or not.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I saw some Freddy's shops several months ago. But the rules were kinda confusing, or actually a lot confusing. So I decided to pass.
Last time I saw the Freddy's shopped it was with a Sassie company . I did a couple, but there are not any near me. It was when I was traveling.
Not anymore, and you can tell. I love me some Freddy's, but I've been in some filthy stores since the shops went away.
I've done Freddy's in the past, but haven't seen any in last 1-2 years. Costco sometimes small things for low pay, and demo stations. Ace Hardware available frequently in my area. I dislike them because you have to mill around and wait for help, usually for a very small thing I'd probably never ask for help on in real life.
love to do usps! i worked for them and now i understand a LOT of complaints and why!!! main complaint - scanning is NOT DONE AT EACH STOP LIKE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO. So, when you track the pkg and it's not up to date, that's why!!!!
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