Should I Allow Text Messages from MSCs?

I always see this option when I sign up for a new MSC, and I always select "no" because I don't want to be spammed all day like they do with their emails.

But on the other hand, I have been contacted directly via text a couple of times asking if I would do a shop for a certain dollar amount.

My question is, do you get ALL of the announcements about new shops via text like you do via email? I don't want to get texts all day long with the generic job announcements, but I would like to give them permission to contact me when they are hard up for jobs and offering higher pay.

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It is all or nothing for each MSC. I choose to accept them since receiving messages is free and I know how to delete them. You can also be selective as to which MSCs can text you.

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I only allow emails unless they really need to contact me, then they can text me.

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I agree with you, that texts are free and we can delete them. I guess I was wondering if they send as many texts as they do emails. I don't want to be bothered while I am out and about.
Texts? Absolutely! The texts seem to come when there is desperation on the part of the MSC. I've been able to name my price a few times when I've responded to text messages. I've even learned about jobs that I had not seen on the board by opting into texts.
Same. I also choose to accept texts only from a few MSCs.

BARE, for example, is very good at texting me only if they really have a tough time filling a shop. I appreciate that.

If an MSC abuses its texting privileges, I will just enter "STOP" and don't get texts from them anymore.
@pegleg2000 wrote:

I get texts. I get a lot less than emails.
I am not a fan of text messages. But I like talking on the phone even less than that. So if the choice is between texts and phone calls, I'll take texts. But in all honesty, I'd rather an email. If I'm home I'm probably looking for something to do and I check my email often. If I'm out working, it's fine if I miss out, it won't bother me at all.

The thing that bothers me, is if a scheduler texts you they expect a quick response. I was out, on a route, and I texted my scheduler about a problem, a few months after we had a text conversation about a shop she needed to get done, so her number was in my phone. I got no response at all, never, no apology, nothing, ever, not even on the phone or in an email. If they want to send text messages and expect me to reply in a timely manner, they can do the same. Either that, or don't text me.
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