no mystery shopping assignments

I have not received any mystery shopping assignments therefore I am not sure if I am doing something run or did not sign up properly.

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same here...signed up for them all...i mean them alll been 6 months and got 2 stinken 27.00....didn't even cover my gas and had to wait a month plus to get paid...looking for a regular job...
Make sure you check back at the sites you registered for as some of them don't email when work is available. You have to find it. Also, like it was already said, make sure you spelled everything (like your email) correctly. I have only been doing this since November 1 and I have had a lot of work. It may be your location too. Just keep trying. Your likely to get work soon.

Good LucK!!!!!!!
don't know if it's my location...i live in a big city...milwaukee......tons of malls and resturants and other places...but no jobs.......
Been shopping for 5 years or so now, and have been having trouble finding jobs too. It may be time of year or something to that effect. Hang in there, something will break in a week or so.
I am in a suburban area where I see plenty of the businesses listed on the sites. The lack of steady shopping is frustrating. It seems that I spend more time hunting jobs than anything else. When you factor this time into the payrate, it makes low dollar jobs unfeasible. I have had jobs with pay rates from $7.00 (no more) to $100.00 ( only one of these). I would be happy with a steady rate of $20.00 to $30.00 assignments.
There are plenty of assignments if your spelling, punctuation and grammar are above par. The problem is it takes forever to get paid. Thats the part I don't like, but I figure that since I have only been doing this since November, that once the ball gets rolling I'll be getting checks a couple of times a month.
I work for 6 different companies and work every day of the week if I want. I did 7 stores last week for one and was paid this morning 150 bucks. They pay every week direct deposit. Been doing this for 8 months and never have a problem getting jobs. You might want to try other companies. I live in Phoenix, Az.
To Deborah,
Which companies are you signed up for?
Who pays each week?
I get jobs, but there is a lot of competition for them,
so even though a lot applied for, I do not hear back.
Deborah, I also live in az do you give your ss number on the sites that are paying you so well? I don't fill that out untill I get a job with them. How long before you started to get jobs? Do you drive over 25 miles to a job?
Just a heads up to let you know that if you do not use proper grammar and spelling you will not get many jobs. I see by some of these letter that there are some who need to brush up on these skills. Happy shopping and have fun.
I have been shopping since June of 2006, after taking an 8-year hiatus. I currently work 4 other regular jobs, on top of being a Mystery Shopper. I have an excellent rating with over 20 companies, and am an the 'A' list for shops with most of them. I receive end-of-the-month calls for shops needing to be completed, and can even name my price on many of them. I live in a rural state as well, but have noticed that there are more shoppers now than when I started. My 'supreme' months were August and September with my income from Shopping at $1100 (no exaggeration). I regularly drive round-trip close to 130 miles, but will not begin my day for less than $100. Is it work - absolutely. Is it worth the time put in to get the premium jobs - absolutely. I sign up for at least 4 new companies each month, thus gaining more opportunities. Watch for the rotation factor too. I would do this full time if someone would pay off the lease on my car. Working on that too winking smiley
I signed up sometime in October, 2006 and almost immediately received 3 assignments by e-mail. However, I live in L.A. which is so vast that the assignments I received was not worth the distance...too far and in neighborhoods unsafe. I haven't received anything since and I'm disappointed and frustrated! I wish someone would contact me and give me step-by-step instructions to get started. I know I'm missing something!
I began signing up during Christmas break. My old mystery shopping company that I worked for years ago does not have anything right now. Shoppers don't contact them. They contact shoppers. I had three other companies. I contacted the other two, but the third apparently has gone out of business. Then I began signing up for every company I could find. I did my first audit on January 6th. I have been shopping regularly. I am working part-time at a college. I have to be there when classes are in session, so I sometimes have a break of four hours. I used to substitute teach, but this schedule won't let me out during the morning or afternoon that the schools use for their scheduling blocks. So I mystery shop. All of the things you say have troubled me. I live in a small town that has suddenly been growing by leaps and bounds. I do get shops here. I realized that I have to approach mystery shopping in the same way that I did substitute teaching. I didn't wait for the schools to call me. I called them. I did favors for them. I took assignments no one liked for teachers no one liked.

I realize now that I am working myself to death and still not doing well. My husband lost his job three years ago, we had a small business that failed, and we are supporting a son who lives in another family house. Sometimes our utilities are shut off. Right now, I don't have access to the house phone and the fax machine. We are trying to get the company we leased the copy machine (for our business) from to decide it will do them good to come get it. The electricity was shut off already this month, and the whole bill still isn't paid. To top it off, I get lots of computer problems. I lost three jobs I'd already done because the Internet problem caused me to miss the report deadline.

My question is do any of you actually make a living doing this. I've just started, so I've only been paid for two shops. I do take those really poorly paying shops and right now I am negotiating with the company to make two travel loops to hit the small towns. I, too, am looking at repeat jobs. I spend an inordinate amount of time searching the websites for more work, but I have received phone calls out of the blue asking me to take jobs.

I live 30 minutes from a major city. I shop there also. I will travel up to 45 miles if I have several shops. Right now, I lose time and money because I get stuck on a highway where I can't find the right exit. This city isn't laid out with straight streets. I think that a few months from now I will know the locations of the repeat jobs and that problem will be nil.

My husband and I work long hours to try to meet bills, but the jobs are very poorly paying. My husband recently added up his hours and got a bachelor's degree. I have a master's degree. Our fields either don't want us or are practicing age discrimination. I would like to know that I get so efficient at mystery shopping that it is worth it. I started looking for coupons for specific shops, but at least one company won't let the mystery shopper use coupons. I have been able to get meals, my husband's eyeglasses, and a birthday present from mystery shop jobs. I am looking for a shop to repair my car.
Sandra Sue,
F.Y.I you can get an oil change and make $5.00 to boot at Service
you must pay for the oil change up front and you will then be reimbursed, usually within 2 weeks or so. Hope this helps.
Like everyone has said, apply to as many companies as you can and check the job boards daily. I am signed up with about 50 companies right now and work for 5 or 6 each week. Most jobs pay $15.00 each, but I try to do four a day, six days a week, that works out to $360.00 a week. Some weeks are better than others, but all in all I average between $1,000.00 to $1,200.00 a month, and I have only been shopping for 9 months.
I agree spelling and grammar is a must. It depends on where you live and how many established shoppers are in your area for the amount of money you can make. Assignments do not just fall in my lap. I have to check my email daily and respond quickly for jobs there. I also have to go to five other companies' boards and see if anything new posted. This month has been dry for me but I have also been a little pickier about what I wanted. I get the impression from some of the posts I read shoppers think companies will knock on our doors and ask us to work. It's quite the opposite, we have to beat on their doors if we want steady work.

Making the world a better place to shop, one assignment at a time!
Speedmark has had a lot of shops in the Texas area for groceries store chains. Bestmark usually has a lot of assignments in my area but not lately. There are a lot of assignments thru out the USA in their system. Bestmark pays good.

Try them
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