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HI! I'm a part of and we perform a TON of audits! Are you looking for a position?

Marketing at;
I am looking at your website now, but am not locating where one would register to become an auditor. Can you advise how we would do this?

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
Hi COMystery! Send me an email at and I can forward that to the managers in charge. All we need is your email and location and we can get started! smiling smiley

Marketing at;
This website is no longer active.

@Freestyle wrote:

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Question: I saw a listing for a weekly "picture audit" for the same product in two local discount stores lasting 10 weeks. Does anyone have experience with these? Was your experience purely taking and submitting pictures or were there other requirements? It plays a flat fee, but I have no idea about the time requirements. Anything else I should clarify or ask about before deciding whether to try for these?
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