Shout out to Service Connections!

I did my first big, obvious OOPS this week and performed my shop a day after I was supposed to! I didn't even realize it until I went to submit my report the next morning (because they are AWESOME and give you 24 hours to submit your reports) and was booted because I hasn't completed my report the day before. I then realized that I did the shop on the 15th when I was supposed to do it the 14th. I emailed Service Connections right away and apologized for my mistake and asked to be reassigned so I could enter it. Everyone who responded was SO nice, understanding and they reassigned the shop to me! I totally understand that this was something they didn't have to do! They also did not give me a hard time at all for my oops! Thank you Service Connections! Wish I could do more shops with you guys!

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I have done multiple shops for them and everyone I have talked to is super nice to me too. They really bend over backwards to accommodate people. I found out they have shops that are not listed on the job board as well (no -- not those cruises and such but just regular retail shops). I like that they loan you a really nice voice recorder and you keep it as long as you do a shop for them at least once a month. It picks sounds up better than my smartphone does and is small enough to hide away easily in a retail store. They do pay by paper check but it arrives like clockwork.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
@Threemom wrote:

Can I get a hint about the "hidden" shops? How do you find out about them?
They find you. Something that took me a long time to figure out was that if I wanted the better shops, it made more sense to do 20 shops a month for company X rather than1 shop for 20 different companies.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
They only have one shop a month in my area. Occasionally they post a second but it's usually the same one location each month. I wish they had more!
Same here. I do my best to take locations, but I only have so many vehicles! I've never done one of the other ones though- maybe that would help. Maybe someday I can enter the inner circle too!

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