Kudos to Holly at AboutFace!

I was scheduled for a targeted cosmetics shop and I could only be in that town that day. Couldn't get an appt with the target, so I asked to cancel, and instead she gave me credit for a phone shop! Thanks Holly!

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Now that's a great scheduler.

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There are some ladies I always enjoy talking to at Market Force. Here's a big thank you to Erin, Felicia, Trina, and Vicki, and I'm sorry if I misspelled your name.
I work with the GREATEST, THOUGHTFUL, BEST PAYING SCHEDULERS, EVER : CHERYL, TERESA, CAROL, RYAN, JANELLE. I won't mention the companies, I may to much money to let the world in on my fortune.
I tip my hat to Market force. Their website is the best and allows you to reschedule some of your shops without having to call in. The few times I needed to contact a scheduler they have always tried to accommodate any reasonable request.
Thank you to all the nice folks at Maritz that never get upset when I pull a rookie mistake and forget a photo. They always give me a chance to make it right. Maritz has surprised me, and in a good way. They are becoming one of my faves - never thought I'd say that a few years ago.
All the schedulers at Intelli-shop have been great as well as being helpful to a novice shopper. My favorite scheduler was Joel F. who is no longer with Shoppersview.
I've worked with Kimberly H. at Coyle for a while now and she has always been the most amazing scheduler. She's polite, easy to work with and very understanding/flexible. Thanks Kimberly!
Marie at aTH is the best. She is fair but holds her shoppers accountable. I enjoy working with a real pro.
I've enjoyed working with Kimberly from Coyle as well. I'd also like to commend Aileen at Confero, Jen Gladding from Summit, Joe and some of the other TrendSource schedulers, Alicia from A Closer Look, and pretty much everyone at Buckalew and Quest for Best. I'm sure there are others that I'm missing, but those are the ones that come to mind. Great schedulers make such a huge difference in this business!

ETA: And I agree about this thread being an awesome idea!

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I would love to give Kudos and thanks to all the wonderful schedulers at GFK, Intellishop, Second to None, International Service Check, Athpower, Beyond Hello (new name Seelevel), Technology Store, Consumer Service Analysis, Norfork, NSS, and Bare International.
My applause goes out to Judy at Ardent Services. She is easy to work with, responsive to questions, laughs at my jokes, and she's done enough shopping to understand the difficulties we sometimes face. She'll rarely ask for help, so when she does I try and go out of my way. It's starting to feel like...like...a relationship?

No. Not really. I just pester her too often and she lets me.... Wait, for a guy, that IS a relationship!

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I would like to give GFK a big shout out. They are amazing and very professional. They are on top of things and always reply when I need them to. Thanks, Shelly
I have only been doing mystery shopping for a couple of months, but a huge thank you goes to Deanna!
Kudos to Angelique Arthur of Premier Service! Time and time again she managed to iron any wrinkles in my shops. Recently, because of the bad weather, she extended my shop date. Yet, I could not help her with a very rare request for help with some overdue shops, even with a bonus. I will do better next time, I promise.
Thanks Jacob. I've been looking for this type forum for awhile. On that note: Katie at Mintel. Really bends over backwards at times to see I get the shop and successful at that.
I have always had the best luck with the folks at Trendsource/MSI. They've always responded in just a few minutes to any voicemail or email I've left. They're honest and upfront about extra pay for distance requests and whether it's a possibility or not. I especially love working with Jacquelyne Dalaten and Erin Biszak.
Marie at athPower is seasoned, flexible, and fair. I hold her in the highest esteem.
From Market Force, and Jason,,love you man!!Victoria YOU ROCK!!

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@cjbstar wrote:

There are some ladies I always enjoy talking to at Market Force. Here's a big thank you to Erin, Felicia, Trina, and Vicki, and I'm sorry if I misspelled your name.

Not to be mean to them, but how can you understand their names? The only name I've ever understood is David.
Thank you Deanna! My first Mystery Shop was with you in May 2015 as my scheduler and you continue to be one of the BEST! Many KUDOS for all your help.

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I haven't been mystery shopping for long, but there are two schedulers who I have loved working with. Tricia and Janice from Sentry have been fabulous!!
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