Love to Service Sense!!

I've only done one shop with them, but they pay on the 10th of the month following the month you do the shop. For instance, if I do a shop on the 30th of January, I get my check on the 10th of February. That rocks! It's nice to not be out of pocket for months.

Also, other than specified shops where they're looking for specifics, they offer enough of a reimbursement for food shops that I was able to take my roommate, and we tossed up about $6, but both got plenty of food, plus a milkshake. If it were only one person going, you'd have extra reimbursement money left to spend. They give you PLENTY of money to get decent food, not just the lowest priced thing on the menu, which makes the shops enjoyable as well. The fees are still fairly small (although certainly not as small as some of the shops I've seen), but you actually get your fee, since the reimbursement is high enough to cover any food you want.

Also, they send you a "good job!" note when they like your review. Overall, they're really shopper friendly. And, truthfully, they're maybe the second or third that I've worked with that is that way. They're over the top, working for both the client and the shop

Top notch, Service Sense!!! Thank you. I hope to work with you for a long time

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